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A video displays moving images with playback controls


Current Progress

Needs Documentation


Many Networks One API

Semantic's video component provides a wrapper around APIs for two popular sites for hosting multimedia content, Youtube and Vimeo, allowing you to use a single embed and unified set of javascript parameters, to control javascript callbacks, HD and UI display settings, autoplay etc.

Semantics video allows you to display videos based on a network's content ID, and can grab a content ID from an existing url, so you dont have to use full URLs to youtube content if you're storing external resources in your database.

Responsive Embeds

In additional Semantic's embeds use css based around Embed Responsively to make your YouTube and Vimeo embed's maintain the correct aspect ratio as content resizes.

Unified API

Ever try to learn Vimeo's froogaloop video API? How about Youtube's Javascript APIs? Semantic provides unified callbacks for onPlay, onPause, and other common API endpoints for tying an external video embed into your sites UI

Custom Image Placeholders

Semantic's video component allows you the option to include a custom placeholder instead of loading the default placeholder from your media host.



Development Progress

This is an undocumented component, but is mostly complete.

You can help support the future development of the Semantic UI project, and help boost the priority of this component by donating to Semantic UI development.

Please be sure to leave a note in the comments to indicate that you are interested in the development of this particular component.

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