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A nag is an important message that persists until dismissed by a user


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Nags are used to present a user with a one time message which will persist until a user acknowledges the message. This can be used for providing notices like the site's use of cookies, an important change to a site like a security breach.

Semantic's nag component provides built in options for ensuring a nag is only displayed once. You can trigger an API endpoint on dismissal, in order to store a value in your database, or you can use localstorage or cookie value to make sure that a particular computer does not receive the nag again.


// Wont re-appear unless cleared $('.cookie.nag') .nag('show') ;
// Clears cookie so nag shows again $('.cookie.nag') .nag('clear') ;
// Automatically shows on init if cookie isnt set $('.cookie.nag') .nag({ key : 'accepts-cookies', value : true }) ;

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